I'm Victoria, I'm 16. Im The Sugar Plum Fairy Bitch ▲✖ Light Can Be Found In The Darkest Of Times. If One Remembers To Turn On The Light. ▲✖ I Just Don't Even Know Anymore ▲✖ Im Just A Freak Of Nature, Just A Zombie Freak. A Strange Weirdo Obsessed With Everything Creepy And Abnormal ▲✖
To Feel Sad, Mad, Insane, Lost, To Look At Yourself And Your Life And Just Cry. But Once You Have Been To Hell There Is No Going Back, Just Going Forward With Your Past Following Your Every Step Whispering In Your Ear Of All Your Mistakes. Hell Is Our Heaven. Party. Grunge. Vintage. Black And White. Hipster. Boho. Me. Oh And Yea Teen Wolf ✖ Game Of Thrones ✖ American Horror Story ✖ Taylor Momsen ✖ Taissa Farmiga & Allison Harvard▲✖